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What is ACOA?  It stands for Adult Children of an Alcoholic - for more information, click here

What is IFS?  It stands for Internal Family Systems - for more information, click here

Thinking Man

What is 'wrong' with me?!

Have you ever said those words to yourself?  Or maybe you said it out loud to someone else.  Did you happen to check out the list of characteristics listed above?  Here they are again....does this sound like you?  Struggles you have had?  Have you tried to change these things?  Worked harder, changed your looks, practiced affirmations, and maybe even sought counseling....but still felt like something was wrong, or just not getting better.  

Thoughtful look

What happened to me?


So by now, if you have read through some of the characteristics, you may still be confused.  You may say:

'but there was no alcohol (or drugs) used in my home.'  

Or, 'the drinking (or drug use) was not that bad, and no one got wasn't that bad.'  

Or, 'that is exactly how I have felt for so long and never heard of any of this!'

            SO NOW WHAT?!

Confident Woman

There is hope in understanding

Not only is there hope in understanding, but there is also a way to address these issues!  How would that be?  If you didn't feel like something was wrong with you, you understood your life history better. You had a way to continue to improve your understanding of yourself and possibly, your relationships!  

IFS, Internal Family Systems (in case you missed it above, here is some information), is rising in popularity, and attention and is changing lives daily.  

New Group starting April 20, 2023
It's nearly full....sign up now!
New Group forming now for late summer!
Click here to be on the list for the next group.


 Participation in this group will not be a clinical in nature, but it will be important to determine if it is a good fit.  

  • The group will meet on Zoom or in-person if there are enough participants and interest in that.

  • It will be a closed group (no new participants added once it starts)

  • We will meet for 10 sessions, with an optional 2 extra sessions at the end.

  • The group will contain a variety of learning techniques including videos, psychoeducation, worksheets, and practice in group. 

  • We will use the book "The complete ACOA sourcebook" as some foundation for this work.  You can purchase it through Amazon here or I can purchase and include it in your registration.

  • Payment plans will be available.


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